Let me start with the formal bits.

I’m Maree Roche and I’m a PhD research student at the University of South Australia. I am also a SANE Australia Peer Ambassador, visual artist and published writer. I’ve spent the past two years focusing on inclusive education and youth psychodiversity in the classroom. I’m the author a book chapter called “Even the delusional can learn: the recognition of diverse states of mind, knowing and being. This is part of the book called Disability and the University: A Disabled Students Manifesto (released later in 2019 by Peter Lang, New York). My most recent work was a journal article co-written with Dr. Ben Whitburn on the Biopolitics of the Arts Curriculum which is due to be published in 2019.  The journey in research has just begun and yet, it is the culmination of 20 years of teaching in the secondary and tertiary classrooms.

The not so formal bits: I believe that equity, especially in education is not negotiable and diversity an asset and not a deficit . .  I keep my gratitude notes in a lantern as I try to remember daily where I have come from.   I’ve been married to Frank for almost 15 years (and who is my muse and inspiration behind much of my research) years and we have two pretty cool kiddos, Aramis & Gracie, and three cats whom I am convinced refer to us as their staff: Copper, Meg & Luca.

This website is designed to showcase my portfolio of lived experiences, my interpretations and research in order to assist in the advocacy and education of diversity.  Please do feel encouraged to peruse, engage and contact me if I am able to assist you in any way.


Warmly and with many thanks to you,








What would you say was one highlight from the presentation you heard?

  • For me, the highlight of Maree’s presentation was the frankness and how direct she was. She was also very open and receptive to our questions and was extremely informative.
  • Maree was an engaging speaker and very funny. Her attitude and anecdotes were the highlight of the presentation.
  • The environment Maree created was lovely
  • Very thorough and great insight provided
  • Maree – she was very engaging to listen to
  • Maree’s personality and honesty was the most captivating


  1. If watching the mental health presentation has altered your perception of mental illness, please explain how below.
  • It reminded me of the resilience people with mental health have. Often I get caught up feeling protective (as if my clients are fragile), but Maree’s presentation reminded me that individuals also have inherent strengths that clinicians should build on in their recovery
  • It was really valuable to see a person behind the DSM “criteria”, and also see that the DSM should be used as a guide and that it can never fully explain a person and their experiences.
  • It made me more cautious of stereotyping what a certain mental illness looks like
  • Very thorough and great insight provided
  • It was great to hear from someone so far removed from the mental illness stereotype
  • It really helped to see how much the DSM criteria may change in real life presentation of the illness and to only use them as a guideline 

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